Leaving the loser club

Hey Incels, I may not be a straight male who is begging for sexual attention from females. However I am gay and I have had more conversations with women than a lot of straight guys. Today’s women can be intelligent, hard workers, funny & very deep thinkers. If you have not gotten to know this, if you still only know women as Stacys or Beckys. It is time to get off Reddit & take my advice on reaching for sexual and social maturity.

  1. Stop hanging around other incels online & in person– When I was in High School and I grew tired of not getting laid. I stopped hanging around losers who also do not get laid. Their off putting personalities hindered me & honestly I myself was annoyed of them anyways. In High School the other incel I hung around with was this little Communist named Brady who went on anti-american rants & didn’t talk about anything I was interested in anyways. Besides you guys are becoming radicals by feeding each other on the worst aspects of your insecurities.
  2. Abandon  your negative notions of feminism – For every fake feminist that thinks that it is okay to kick a man in the nuts. There are also feminists who refuse to make the movement about misandry & violence (misandry is the female misogynist that reduces all men to harmful and intimidating classifications.) .  Although honestly don’t go for bonus points by trying to be extra feminist…. However if you carry misogynist views like women owe you sex, you need to change them now! The views are delusional, harm your perceptions of women and make your ability to relate to them even more hindered. Women are more than Stacys and Beckys. Honestly if you ask them as well men trying to over simplify them is one of their biggest turn offs.
  3. Find a socially acceptable male or female to take you under their wing and train you socially – I am autistic and once in a while I need my social habits and dress attire changed. For me in High School  my coaches were my god Sister Steffanie, my friend Tegan. Then as an adult it has been my boyfriend Kaylib. Find someone who re-enforces positive social behaviors in clothing, mannerisms & boundaries. Hanging around friends who know how to get laid will help you get laid.
  4. Respect the friend zone – What is it with straight guys and going after their friends? Believe it or not having non-sexual female friends works in your favor! It makes you appear non-threatening and civil. When you screw up all of these friendships by trying to add your self-indulgent sexual edge you mess up a positive social environment you are making for yourself. Women tend to understand social culture better than men, so they are good to have on your side. My friend Alana has even been my wing-woman in the pursuit of gay men.
  5. Get rid of no shows – I call someone a “no show” when they make plans for a date and never show up. I have had this a lot! Honestly play them by the 3 strike rule. Chances are if they no show after 3 times they likely will never show up.

Listen if you feel you are ready to move forward in romantic or sexual relationships. However haven’t gotten anywhere yet… It is time to grow & change. The best thing I ever did with my time not getting laid was grow up. No one you want is going to award you with re-enforcement in the loser club.

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