Ashton Deroy an Autistic citizen in Belleville Ontario shares their past & the current happenings in their life. High Functioning crazy is an identifier I am using to express how my brain functions at certain times. I figure this explanation for poorly thought out rational actions beats the excuse I once heard about autistic people seeming drunk. Also I have always felt the term crazy got an unfair ear due to an overly wide translation. 

Crazy definition

Crazy is anything from extremely enthusiastic to aggressive & dangerous. Apparently I should of been terrified when I met my overly enthusiastic friend Alana. It seemed like an eager smile and a chatty attitude that won me over. However maybe it is was a convincing act for mentally deranged and aggressive behavior. 

High functioning is obviously code for the social behavior classes took. They seem normal enough to engage with everyone else now. I have relatives that understand sensible boundaries less than I do… Honestly high functioning crazy is less exhausting and more ambiguous than telling people your mental disorder. I think honestly if you could just act weird like Pheobe in Friends & just have people expect odd things. That probably beats the constant identification with your own mental illness label. 

Also there is a reckless part of some of us. That scoffs at the labels”BiPolar” , “Autistic” , “ADHD. I can do better than that!!!” Like a personal challenge of self-destruction. Ultimately the general term crazy being vague and therefore also less intimidating. 

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