“Some people seem to think I can’t work well with others. I actually excel at Communications work and don’t settle for poor quality. When I can no longer work I want my portfolio to be memories of quality, creativity and resourcefulness. Anything in my professsional life the jeprodizes my body of work, integrity or self-esteem deserves nothing less than complete abandonment.” Ashton Deroy

Call 647-850-6802 or Email Ashtonderoy@gmail.com for a marketing consultation. 

Jacklyn Bell A day at the beach

Forward Finances Social media plan

Digital Marketing Consultant 2019

For my Business Community Projects class me and a few other students played a crucial role in helping to develop Forward Finances Social Media Marketing Plan. My Digital Marketing background played a key role in making recommendations, suggesting engaging content and knowing what to boost & what to post. We helped clients that otherwise did not understand social media & we got them connected to resources that would help them market their brand with expertise. To Jeanette Ramnarine and Richard Ramnarine, I am grateful I got the opportunity to work on your project.


Dignity Repairs

Dignity Repairs

Setup, design and ad sales 2016-2019

This was my first client back when I used the name Digi-Connex. Now I self-Market. This website is the most popular site I have ever managed and through it, I have learned about automotive repair. Something I otherwise knew nothing about. This website demonstrates my ability to canvas online for sales and I sold this website back within the first three months of starting my business.


swan whispers public relations

Swan Whispers Public Relations

Business Planning, website management & advocacy 2018-2019

This was the Business plan I created for Entrepreneur’s class along with Diana Skye that earned a 94% at Loyalist College. Then in a conversation with Kaylib 2019-07-14, it was talking about what I was good at, it made me realize I had to start trying to do digital marketing again. The result of submitting the Business plan & that conversation made me realize this is the thing I am great at. I need to go back to using the time to work on the skill again.

Swan Whispers ASMR.png

Swan Whispers ASMR

YouTube Channel design & Consulting. 2017-2019

For this project, I managed the artist N.L. in creating the background. We created merchandise in the form of a T-Shirt to promote the project & created the logo using Vista Print Logo Maker. This project shows my ability to collaborate and lead projects. Of course, Diana Skye created a really cool channel to promote and work with as well.




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