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Why the democratic socialist approach?

Why Democratic socialism

Ashton Deroy writes:

Here are the key benefits that make socialism a better approach now more than ever:

  1. Avoiding excess production – In supply chain management at Loyalist college we learn about a process called level production. That basically means making the same amount of ****! Regardless of whether there are orders to fill or not.|The practices of capitalism make no sense. How can a system of scarcity create so much commercial waste?
  2. Wealth disparity – We are bombarded by unfair wealth distribution all the time. Read about how Canada’s richest families have as much wealth as 3 provinces. This is a disgusting misuse of wealth. How can we allow our government to fall? While private interests not only make a killing but actually kill us in the process.
  3. Suiting the individual, not the corporation – Under a democratic Socialist approach. The individual’s rights are held above the corporation. “No, you can’t privatize our water if it is the only drinking water available to a mass population!” It is actually not an unreasonable thing to say.
  4. Supporting the vulnerableYou can read about my donations to a refugee cause.  We have to understand that existing systems were exploitative, unsustainable & alienated the people. Under a socialist system, it is about uniting people under common goals & betterment of the people. Not about sustaining struggles & suffering. We can not talk about the environment unless we are also ready to talk about people.
  5. Workers’ rights first– Before the environment, before corporations profits & before anything else. workers’ rights have to be prioritized. Jobs are turning in to places that breed disease, mental illness & sickness. Right now in Ontario, a simple Flu would cost you your job. With our entitlement being pushed down to 6 sick days under Doug Ford’s administration. We have to shift workplaces away from being places to breed misery. The labor will always exist, but it should be for the betterment of the individual’s quality of life.I don’t think I can write this blog once, I think I will have to republish it many times over my academic life. However, what I want you to examine from this body of work is? A theoretical approach to life forming in me in spite of what I learn at school. The more I learn, the more I learn how to formulate my argument against the Business Capitalistic approach that puts the needs of a company before the needs of society.

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