Grande delusion

Summary: You are never too good to work. Whether you have to take a $14 an hour job to pay the bills or you have to do something you hate for 8-12 hours a day. As a socialist, I am not going to meet your expectations as a person who values a lazy society of dreamers. An atheist once tried to drive the point to me that people are better when they are grounded in reality, not chasing an outlandish dream that prevents their better function. 

Ashton Deroy writes: What is the grand delusion? As far as Capitalism goes the grand delusion is about personal wealth. Unimaginable, unrealistic, lobsters for dinner every night wealth! What is the grand delusion of Socialism? Utopia societies where everyone is not selfish and works towards power in unity. Why must you give up the grand delusion? Well for one, it helps with holding unimpressive work. Secondly, it makes us approach things with enormous stupidity & lastly it helps us embrace the philosophies of the working class.

Here are 3 reasons to give up the grande delusion of capitalism.  

  1. Abandon the ideology you are too good to work – It should not be surprising that people who fixate on the ideology of enormous wealth don’t exactly want to commit to labour. People attached to this grande delusion rather prefer the idea that they would be in the business of exploiting workers while they either act as managers or stakeholders. However, it is not going to happen. Actually, if you are struggling to even keep a 9-5 job, you probably are not going to be on the fast track to enormous wealth. You are not too good to work. In many areas, it would actually be better for your family & society if you checked in mentally as a worker. 
  2. You are not going to be rich – Many Canadian men, let’s say in the ages of 20-50 years of age, with no education and limited work experience. You are in many ways the long term cliche of the working class. Found in factories, call centers, department stores, tourism or something with an hourly wage. You probably have no extraordinary talents & an unexceptional family that probably rules out inherretted wealth. You are not on the fast track to wealth! That is okay because once you accept that you were dealt a c***** hand you can move on and that is to the 3rd step. 
  3. Canada would be a better place if we voted based on our income bracket- Liberty is a cliche of capitalism, but it should have nothing to do with your political values. Let’s face it, nothing is liberated about your life. Your family is mostly filled with Siblings who dropped out of high school & relatives with illness who can not afford care. So if your family makes less than $40,000 in income per annum. You make no sense as a right-wing voter! You simply do not, literally one wrong move and your family requires income assistance, emergency healthcare & low-income housing. 

I want to conclude and announce I was somewhat writing this as a commentary to a relative with grande delusions of wealth. Last I talked to them they were not doing great at accepting their place in the bottom of society. However, you can use this stream of thought whether you are on welfare and buy lottery tickets, if you frequently start businesses that go nowhere or you are thinking you are too good for a job you take to pay the bills. I truly believe people with the grande delusion that they are going to be wealthy think they are playing some fun game that will result in their manifested thoughts bringing them an abundance of wealth. Instead, your pursuit should be about your passion, mental enlightenment & love. 

My wish for you if you are reading this. Is that you stop destroying our world with your motivations of greed. I wish that you don’t buy a lottery ticket while collecting welfare, that you go to work with your reservations being about safety & fair treatment. That you respond to your economic situation as an adult, not as someone waiting for the magical money fairy. 

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