Work life balance

Administrative Assistant resume 2019

Ashton Deroy Writes: Okay so a week or two ago my roommate was hospitalized in  Belleville Ontario for stress. She has been working a job and going to college & it had started to catch up with her. I actually have been looking for a job to… It is nice to know what I will likely have in store for myself.

When are we as a people going to get this work life balance thing correct? Should I toy around with violently throwing around some Executives, schedulers & human resources representatives? At least until they get it right. (That was a joke)

In the interest of promoting my self interests as a worker. I have demands before I am to take any job. I want to work, but not at the expense of health & well being. I also want to get ahead, so here are my demands:

  1. Employment must be accessible by transit – Nothing for me is going to sustain otherwise. I can not afford a car & I can not afford to keep getting rides with people who have other things to do. I either get home & back by bus, or we can’t work together. That is just sound logic.
  2. Must accommodate bus schedule – I am not busing to work, then walking 2 hours home at night. That is not sane…
  3. Must have work life balance – Not only do I need two consecutive days off, I need to know when they are? Imagine that, I have social obligations and medical appointments. I happen to be human. There is a movement going around where employers must give 2 weeks notice in schedule changes, or get written consent to change schedules. I am very interested in that policy, because I have no interest in promising some $14 an hour job my complete 100% availability. It is called “give & take.” Can I get some?
  4. Must be $15 an hour minimum – I am going to go ahead and tell you as far as self-governance goes. I am already on the new minimum wage. I do not care about when the legislation changes because I need to pay my own bills. If your CEO makes mad money, you can pay me $15 hourly!
  5. I’m not signing away my communication rights- I did this in telemarketing & call centers and I will never do it again. I will sign something to not communicate confidential information. However if I disagree with a corporate policy, if I see poor social management, and if I see you treat your employees like they are disposable. Guess what employers? I am writing about it. I don’t care what I signed at S&P Data in Trenton Ontario. I think they are disrespectful, they treat their employees like garbage and the Executives need to seriously be punched in the face. (I don’t condone violence, but I am passionate about authority figures speaking to me & my colleagues with respect! If you don’t it proves you don’t think about me as a person who could potentially react.)

Time off is my time & I am entitled to it. No job is entitled to me 100% whenever they want. No job can tell me what my opinion is! I am a citizen of Canada not of the corporation who pays me. I have obligations to my sense of self, my health, my finances & transportation. If companies can’t learn to respect that, then employment is not the dialogue we need to be having with companies. Is it readers?


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