To Lilly DeVine

Dear Lilly DeVine

It was either August third or August second in 2019. I went to your show for some entertainment at Belle Pub. Guess what I got instead? A personal parody of myself. I just wanted to thank you for that, because of you I no longer want to attend Belleville Pride or LGBT+ events whatsoever. I am actually more comfortable and less offended around straight jock types in a gym than I am around your shows.

Even my friend Glessie made a comment that your comments in regards to Asian men were a little too much for entertainment. Listen I am not going to call you to prejudice because I am autistic & my friend is Asian. You didn’t know me & you are a “comedian” loosely. What I am going to say, however? You are just a bad entertainer. 

Again I am glad you made me a target so I can be 100% honest.  It doesn’t matter if you are being authentic, telling personal stories about your drag daughters & then doing a parody of the audience. You are arrogant, a bully & you are so pretentious! Even if you were an antagonist wrestler this would have been poor practice.  You clearly have some kind of prejudice against drug users. That I took from your seemingly improvised monologue. Listen though, you should work that out with a counselor like I have. Not a bunch of struggling working class people in Belleville Ontario. We know we have a drug crisis. We don’t need you to ignorantly remind us. 

(Even prejudice to drug users like me, who are using for mental health reasons you can’t begin to understand.) 

Honestly, I am just happy I’ve met great performers like Sadina Kature

If you had been the only drag show I saw in my entire life, I think I’d reject the entertainment altogether. 

Thanks for reading… 


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