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Ashton Deroy writes: I have been watching wrestling since I was 15. I think I figured out a few things every show has needed to make the show great. It may surprise you the things I don’t concern. However I swear if a show has these 5 things, it will be a great show regardless of brand & venue.

  1. A 10 second match – This is just a label name for a really fast fight. I think every show needs to have a mismatch where someone just gets absolutely crushed. This may in fact be something that A.E.W. is actually missing entirely. Which actually makes the product exhausting to watch! If you look at Ronda Rousey in the UFC she actually didn’t have to compete that long to make an impact. A 10 second match give wrestling a more realistic feel & makes MMA more entertaining.
  2. A Championship title changes hands – Part of the reason I think WWE has had the hardcore title & 24/7 title is because it changes hands so frequently. In UFC it used to be the Heavyweight division title that changed frequently. You need to change championships as often as necessary. Truthfully I think most wrestlers you don’t want to hold a championship for over 1 year or in UFC 3 years. People just get sick of them too fast! Of a championship doesn’t change hands on a PPV program  or even with main shows, it can seem like it was just an inconsequential shows. With WWE I am not crazy on the idea of trying to build up 1-2 year long story lines.  I think they need to get to the point faster & not have shows have a feeling of WWE doing the wrestling equivalent of vamping in between.
  3. Name recognition in a main event – A main event must always contain the biggest names on the card. For so many reasons it is bad to use a small name in the main event of a show. The idea is you want to have the big names in the main event so people have to watch the show the entire way through to see your biggest stars! This also exposes them to new talent they can become invested in. If you have name recognition in the main even this is apart of the formula to an ideal Wrestling  and MMA card.
  4. Men & Women compete on the same card – Me and my friend Kella. Also me and my siblings had a rule. If Men & women aren’t on the card, we don’t see it. It may seem odd, but it is nice to break from men fighting to see women fighting. The opposite is also true it is nice to take a break from women fighting, to see men fighting.

1 last thing you can add to a good to show to get to the next level. All of these together might actually make a show exhausting:

  • Inter-gender matches – This is a match where one gender faces someone from another gender. Usually portrayed as male versus female matches. This also has included transgender matches which I think is positive, but still is associated controversy. Especially among Conservative & Right wing Libertarian wrestling viewers.
  • Hardcore Matches – This is not my thing at all. In MMA I hate blood baths! In WWE I hate people smashing stuff over each other’s head! However some people like it. So I am putting it on this list!
  • Back flip(s) – I am calling it, whether it is done during the match in Cruiserweight Wrestling or after the match as a celebration like with Holly Holm in the UFC.Back Flips are cool to watch. If I see a back flip during a show, it definitely gets extra points. Back Flips are something athletes can do when they have achieved peak physical shape! It deserves respect.

Honestly next time I watch a wrestling show I am going to use these considerations to analyze how good the show was. I will write a blog about it to, see if this is a solid formula. I think what I have created summarizes a 5 star card perfectly. Especially since I am talking about something that is so obviously designed for an average viewer who is either a redneck or someone with ADHD. Thank you for reading this blog! Email me your comments if you want to give me any feedback. I am going to be blogging more for a while as I look for employment from now until January I imagine.

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