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Why I am a Socialist? Not a Marxist & not a Communist.

Why marx was right

Ashton Deroy Writes: I love to listen to this book. Not because I think Marx was a genius! I think he was a deeply flawed alcoholic who designed Communism to force people in to accepting his stubborn belligerent ways. For in his ideals of Communism it allows Marx to fish, hunt & farm whenever he wants. With no obligations. responsibilities and checks and balances. In my opinion this Philosopher is just a typical troubled person.  Marx was an alienated person who even cheated on his wife. So because he was alienated he dreams of a society that suffers with mass alienation as well. The Marx design of Communism is designed so that if you read it and you are a bit of a loner. Or maybe you are even a little mentally sick you can literally believe Society & Capitalism is what is wrong. You are perfectly fine though, you just need to change society to accept you.

Sometimes you need to get your head checked especially if you believe in Communism. I am a Liberal Socialist. I objectively believe a regressive Canadian society with throwback Conservative values will kill me & all of my siblings. I don’t know if we can all work through our mental problems and end up fine. Or if Matt will remain forever an nonfunctional alcoholic. Or if Ashley will remain without a full education. I do know if they don’t have social safety nets they are screwed!

I went to Seneca College & took a course on Politics. Then I also began taking moral Philosophy online. What I have learned objectively is? Politics and morals are instrumental tools to guide you through life in ways ideal to your needs. Meaning I am not a Liberal Socialist so much as a cool choice. I just think it is the only version of Socialism that works & my family doesn’t understand Conservative culture enough to make a go at it.

What is Liberal Socialism? It is a balancing act in democracy of choosing Social ownership for the means of things like healthcare, education, Social Security & maybe even telecom. Then allowing a Private Market for areas related to recreation, food and tech. It is just a better design for Capitalism based on FDR’s Economic model. Also a bit on Charter Rights & freedoms for Canada that is important to Liberal Socialist values. We know enough about what works for Capitalism & what works for Socialism to now make a more definitive fixed model. When I hear about the failings of Socialism & even early Capitalism? It makes me realize we can take knowledge from these failings and design a more ideal society.

Why Communism doesn’t work? Communism breeds corruption. It is a system designed by a codependent man’s fever dream. Literally the execution in my opinion works as well as it ever could. A cliche for life. There are two types of people who will be uncompromising tyrants Alcoholics & Communists! That is because the systems of Communism are designed for Co-dependence. It doesn’t provide incentive for Economic contribution, there are not enough checks on power & like in the case of Romania. Communism leaves a power vacuum that is always filled at some point by a despot. Prediction “Oddly enough Donald Trump will do the same thing.   Due to the fact checks & balances were not placed on Trump’s power. It stands to reason the precedent has been set to allow a despot much worse than Donald Trump to replace him.” That is just Corporate Communism and it is a different story all together.

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HGS & The attack on family culture. Belleville Ontario & Quinte West


Grow with HGS 2 Belleville Ontario


Ashton Deroy writes: Hey guys I have an test today. I just wanted to rip on my old boss. Despite what it will show in my vengeful character! Why should they get away with their status quo though? Hinduja Global Solutions to me is a fraud. They are an efficiency only corporation posing as a Socially & globally responsible organization.

3 Proofs this is not a socially responsible organization:

  1. They fire women disproportionately for obvious responsibilities – Family care, caring for parents & taking care of their needs in regards to a shelter. When analyzed? The dismissals will say absenteeism but it isn’t the truth & the company should be blamed!
  2. They don’t meet the individual need of the worker – Until HGS takes away automated scheduling and replaces it with a negotiation process. Then HGS can never fully be embraced by the working class! They can’t talk about diversity unless they also are prepared to talk about meeting the diverse needs of the employees. It isn’t sustained diversity! 
  3. The gross ethics of its client – I have said many times what Fido has done in this establishment should be illegal! From the bill tampering to high price-fixing & the ridiculous markup for cellular data. Especially in an age where information should be more freely accessible.

I am still in touch with many of my old colleagues from HGS. I give them the same advice every time. I say companies like HGS represent an attack on the family, leisure culture in Belleville Ontario & Quinte West. If the company won’t change, then I must alienate them from the working class.” It is a responsibility of my moral code to condemn HGS for using what I will call “Typical call center practices.” The fact that they are typical practices does not make it any more ethical. Door to Door salespeople were commonly con-artists, did that justify the practice as a whole? Or did we regulate it tenfold?

The fraud representation of HGS is if this company truly valued diversity, It would not be represented purely by a diverse staff. The representation of diversity would manifest in this company with employees being treated as individuals. Rather than being treated like numbers! (Which by the way is a symptom of fascism) Why not just tattoo a barcode on the employees? Companies that truly value diversity will create schedules on an individual basis, they won’t have centers in locations where workers’ rights are not valued because that can only create exploitation & they wouldn’t take ordinary people in Belleville to turn them in to call center zombie people. Also do we think these call center zombie people are suitable parents to children? Or do they lean on substance abuse for a variety of stress-related issues caused by the dictated employment environment! Which is represented in the pale,  bags under the eyes & unhealthy call center employee seemingly walking around with the absence of a soul!

My conclusion is that even if the company marches in Pride parades, goes to college job fairs & hires the disgruntled members of society. It does not make this a socially responsible & sustainable company. Labor has the sole purpose of heightening the quality of life of the people & getting income to families.  The fact that children are being brought up better by welfare users opposed to call center labor workers creates a complex issue that has to make us question the call center’s value to our community? If the call center is obliterating the mental health, physical health & overall well-being of the family life in Belleville Ontario. Is it then not serving its purpose?


Make America Ok Again

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