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Ashton Deroy Writes: I can’t do much to help other people struggling. I am broke, I likely am not on the way to making a living wage. My family has been in perpetual decline because of the ravages of Capitalism. What I can do for you? I can listen. We can start a dialogue here. Click the article to comment and vent to me.

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Re-launching our shop

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Ashton Deroy Writes: It is January 7th & time to get back to work. Your business has information releases to put out, location tags to make present and a search engine strategy ready to scream your location to customers. I am Ashton Deroy and I have a background in Digital Marketing, Tourism & Creative Advertising. I want to get you out their with a blogging campaign that will explode your business. 

What do I know about customer friendly websites?

I have worked customer service for these companies as apart of their telecom outsourcing:

  • Rogers Communications
  • Hewlett & Packard
  • Greenwich Associates

We ran our last promotions on this site for 10 Fitness in Trenton Ontario to promote voting for their Spinner wonderland float at the 2018 Trenton Santa Clause Parade. 

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