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StarTek Still must be held accountable…

Star Tek must be held accountable.

Ashton Deroy Writes:


This place is exactly like many of the negative reviews. In fact, it’s worse. Mega clicky environment, if you don’t fit in you, ‘ll be either ignored, talked about or bullied passively by management and co-workers. Its who you know and those with friends here get the best shifts, can slack be late and they watch their backs and don’t get fired. Training is seriously a nightmare because it is so boring and made for 8-year-olds or younger. You have to sit in class and play silly games in a group and answer the most childish questions like why you shouldn’t say bad words etc.

If you are in a class where others goof around, are loud make rude comments and you complain, management will do nothing. They talk about policy and rules for bullying, harassment but there is racism, sexism and bullying and even when they know and it’s reported they do zero to address it. If you don’t want to play their games or join in in one of their huddles or food sharing then you will be hated and you won’t last there.” – Tech support StarTek.

This is a criminal offense & this is disgusting! We need to deal with StarTek in Kingston Ontario and assess the fact that at this time it does not fit into the Kingston Community ideals. Maybe we need to copy other communities and kick StarTek out of the community. All I am saying is definitely do not rule it out!

Kingston Ontario values equality, human dignity & living wages. We can not simply justify even leaving StarTek alone. They must be addressed with the full extent of our powers. This means sharing information on multiple platforms and continuing to follow up with bad employee experiences.

Demands at this time! 

  1. StarTek must provide a living wage – This is non-negotiable. If you want to employ over 100 people in Kingston it is my social prerogative to demand you provide those employees with a living wage. This is the living wage…. MAKE THIS CHANGE NOW!
  2. Racism & Bullying must be addressed in a satisfactory way – This even means mitigating the bullying committed by management. No, we do not recognize your interpretation of employment laws and individual reviews!  Stop bullying people out of the building. Again I repeat. MAKE THIS CHANGE NOW!
  3. Human resources – It has been brought to my attention by my network of ex and current StarTek employees that HR is currently just a pawn for Corporate interests. Your Human Resources needs to be reviewed by employees at StarTek and we need to determine if a conflict of interest is blocking the correct execution of employee rights as stated by law. Not as interpreted by corporate interests. If Human Resources is biased towards the company than they must be removed immediately. THIS NEEDS TO BE CHANGED NOW!
  4. Ex Employees call for the alienation of StarTek Booths at job fairs. Until such a time when their work standards are fixed. We are calling for unemployed people to not engage with StarTek out in the community. They are not welcome members of the Kingston Ontario community period!
  5. Sick notes are over & so are sick day limits – Workers must be allowed to regulate their own sick notes. Also to take sick days at their own discretion. No one chooses to get sick. No one skips a day of pay without thought.
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Work life balance. My employment demands.

Work life balance

Administrative Assistant resume 2019

Ashton Deroy Writes: Okay so a week or two ago my roommate was hospitalized in  Belleville Ontario for stress. She has been working a job and going to college & it had started to catch up with her. I actually have been looking for a job to… It is nice to know what I will likely have in store for myself.

When are we as a people going to get this work life balance thing correct? Should I toy around with violently throwing around some Executives, schedulers & human resources representatives? At least until they get it right. (That was a joke)

In the interest of promoting my self interests as a worker. I have demands before I am to take any job. I want to work, but not at the expense of health & well being. I also want to get ahead, so here are my demands:

  1. Employment must be accessible by transit – Nothing for me is going to sustain otherwise. I can not afford a car & I can not afford to keep getting rides with people who have other things to do. I either get home & back by bus, or we can’t work together. That is just sound logic.
  2. Must accommodate bus schedule – I am not busing to work, then walking 2 hours home at night. That is not sane…
  3. Must have work life balance – Not only do I need two consecutive days off, I need to know when they are? Imagine that, I have social obligations and medical appointments. I happen to be human. There is a movement going around where employers must give 2 weeks notice in schedule changes, or get written consent to change schedules. I am very interested in that policy, because I have no interest in promising some $14 an hour job my complete 100% availability. It is called “give & take.” Can I get some?
  4. Must be $15 an hour minimum – I am going to go ahead and tell you as far as self-governance goes. I am already on the new minimum wage. I do not care about when the legislation changes because I need to pay my own bills. If your CEO makes mad money, you can pay me $15 hourly!
  5. I’m not signing away my communication rights- I did this in telemarketing & call centers and I will never do it again. I will sign something to not communicate confidential information. However if I disagree with a corporate policy, if I see poor social management, and if I see you treat your employees like they are disposable. Guess what employers? I am writing about it. I don’t care what I signed at S&P Data in Trenton Ontario. I think they are disrespectful, they treat their employees like garbage and the Executives need to seriously be punched in the face. (I don’t condone violence, but I am passionate about authority figures speaking to me & my colleagues with respect! If you don’t it proves you don’t think about me as a person who could potentially react.)

Time off is my time & I am entitled to it. No job is entitled to me 100% whenever they want. No job can tell me what my opinion is! I am a citizen of Canada not of the corporation who pays me. I have obligations to my sense of self, my health, my finances & transportation. If companies can’t learn to respect that, then employment is not the dialogue we need to be having with companies. Is it readers?


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HGS & The attack on family culture. Belleville Ontario & Quinte West


Grow with HGS 2 Belleville Ontario


Ashton Deroy writes: Hey guys I have an test today. I just wanted to rip on my old boss. Despite what it will show in my vengeful character! Why should they get away with their status quo though? Hinduja Global Solutions to me is a fraud. They are an efficiency only corporation posing as a Socially & globally responsible organization.

3 Proofs this is not a socially responsible organization:

  1. They fire women disproportionately for obvious responsibilities – Family care, caring for parents & taking care of their needs in regards to a shelter. When analyzed? The dismissals will say absenteeism but it isn’t the truth & the company should be blamed!
  2. They don’t meet the individual need of the worker – Until HGS takes away automated scheduling and replaces it with a negotiation process. Then HGS can never fully be embraced by the working class! They can’t talk about diversity unless they also are prepared to talk about meeting the diverse needs of the employees. It isn’t sustained diversity! 
  3. The gross ethics of its client – I have said many times what Fido has done in this establishment should be illegal! From the bill tampering to high price-fixing & the ridiculous markup for cellular data. Especially in an age where information should be more freely accessible.

I am still in touch with many of my old colleagues from HGS. I give them the same advice every time. I say companies like HGS represent an attack on the family, leisure culture in Belleville Ontario & Quinte West. If the company won’t change, then I must alienate them from the working class.” It is a responsibility of my moral code to condemn HGS for using what I will call “Typical call center practices.” The fact that they are typical practices does not make it any more ethical. Door to Door salespeople were commonly con-artists, did that justify the practice as a whole? Or did we regulate it tenfold?

The fraud representation of HGS is if this company truly valued diversity, It would not be represented purely by a diverse staff. The representation of diversity would manifest in this company with employees being treated as individuals. Rather than being treated like numbers! (Which by the way is a symptom of fascism) Why not just tattoo a barcode on the employees? Companies that truly value diversity will create schedules on an individual basis, they won’t have centers in locations where workers’ rights are not valued because that can only create exploitation & they wouldn’t take ordinary people in Belleville to turn them in to call center zombie people. Also do we think these call center zombie people are suitable parents to children? Or do they lean on substance abuse for a variety of stress-related issues caused by the dictated employment environment! Which is represented in the pale,  bags under the eyes & unhealthy call center employee seemingly walking around with the absence of a soul!

My conclusion is that even if the company marches in Pride parades, goes to college job fairs & hires the disgruntled members of society. It does not make this a socially responsible & sustainable company. Labor has the sole purpose of heightening the quality of life of the people & getting income to families.  The fact that children are being brought up better by welfare users opposed to call center labor workers creates a complex issue that has to make us question the call center’s value to our community? If the call center is obliterating the mental health, physical health & overall well-being of the family life in Belleville Ontario. Is it then not serving its purpose?

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Quinte West & Belleville Ontario. Life is about leisure not labor.

Why Marx was Right

Ashton Deroy Writes: Right now I am reading Why Marx was right. The quote below, “A good life is about leisure, not labor.”  captures the kind of attitude I believe Belleville Ontario & Quinte West must adapt if we are to heighten our quality of life. To HGS Belleville Ontario . The history I dictate will indicate you guys never understood this fact of life. “When do I fit in my leisure activities?” Whatever they may be, should not be approached as a question, so much as a demand! What do we really mean when we say that? “If you aren’t going to give me my own time. Why should I support your establishment?!” It is something workers ought to shout while physically twisting Human Resources or an executive’s arm!

I think we should seriously consider retracting the social license to operate for places such as call centers & factories that mistreat workers. You can already see the social fabric changing around these places. At my family events, you can see older sensitive people kindly giving the confiding advice to mistreated workers in Belleville & Quinte West. You see them kindly saying, “You have to quit your job. If they don’t start seeing pushback they will never learn.” 


“A good life is about leisure, not labor.” 

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If we don’t change this I will die…

Workers promo

Ashton Deroy writes: If you think you can love me while voting Progressive Conservative you are wrong. For a long time me & my brother have viewed this as a personal attack on us and I think it is time I become transparent. I don’t care if you hate Trudeau and think this is the best way out! If we don’t change the treatment of workers in our own country I will die. 

Why will I die? I am entirely income dependent. If I go without a job I am going to sink faster than I will ever swim. If I take a job that doesn’t allow me to take care of myself properly I could have a heart attack! Do I have your attention yet? 

As I have said prior. It is too late to join the army for me. I have been in the wrong shape for it, for years! I have too much debt to suddenly do a trade & I tried starting a business and a lack of understanding for my product (website administration and setup) was a huge barrier. 

So this is it! I need to work, I need job security and I need schedule stability. Or I will die. Now is a time more than ever where you need to vote for parties that support the progression of workers’ rights. Now is the time where we must alienate the destructive ideals of the Conservative party and their needless attacks on Canadian workers. Conservatives took away from us and you have to pay for that! 

As a comparative look at the parties. Here is my comparative analysis of parties that will help with my quality of living. This is important if you believe you are 100% supportive of me, you have to consider your vote. Please take a look at these parties to determine the best spot to support me and people like me. 

Political Quality of Life Comparisons Vote ABC. Anything But Conservative!

We also need to focus more on living wage. It is not going to be a $14 an hour job to do the trick. After I finish school in order to get ahead I now need to earn a minimum of $20 an hour to be able to be comfortable and pay my debts. The other option is I die. I can’t defer OSAP payments and I can’t go without food. 

This is exhausting, 10 years of the Conservatives federally. Now a Provincial government that attacks the lowest class of people is killing me! I do not want to double down on Doug Ford, I do not want to face peril in a government that does not create solutions. They only create tax breaks. When the country is facing crisis? The retraction plan of the Conservatives have never made sense. Their expansionary plans are actually somehow worse. Especially in how they focus on useless things such as tourism, gambling & outside investments. We don’t need a government that is absent at the wheel. We need a government with control. Let me remind you to conclude that Conservative right wing ideologies are destroying the effective governance of U.K. & the USA. Time to put the Conservative playbook to bed people! 

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